Thursday, October 28, 2010

life after pmr after pmr now. actually a few weeks past it's getting kind of boring.
It's not really fair,RIGHT after pmr "she" asked to help, while we just want to have fun and play cards (lol!). and nowadays we have to help everyday for like 4 hours NON STOP, even my muscle ache from writting so the greatest torture of all, having to "work" while seeing all your friends in front of u having fun .i've got so fed up i don't want to go to school cus of this.can't "she" just let us off one single day to like... enjoy? and the after pmr programs too, cant go in class.but cooking yesterday was really fun :)

oh yeah too many outings, getting really broke now. sort of watched all the movies in the cinema, bad season to watch lol no nice shows,except charlie st. cloud and hachiko hahaa :D

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