Wednesday, November 3, 2010


actually i'm not the person who believes in horoscopes, but sometimes i see mine just for fun hehee.
recently i saw some horoscope that are kind of accurate and scary.

"ugh! the pressure will be on this month as you juggle busy classes,activities, and a new BF-no easy talk!hang on until the 14th,when pluto helps you prioritize and get it all done. you will be freed up for a fun weekend with your guy, who will be thrilled to have you all to himself!"

This was in october. i guess the pressure was pmr and BF thing is sort of exaggerating but was "no easy talk" lol. and yes! i did had fun on the 14th and everything was done (: and the next line is kinda exaggerating too.

"you don't feel like going to work because you have an idea of what is going down today and where you are involved"

this was yesterday (tuesday). yeah i don't feel like going to school cus i know what is going to happen (program after pmr which is boring ._.) where am i involved? the library doing library work =.=''

this is not it, there's more even creepy and damn accurate...too scary to save it

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