Saturday, December 18, 2010

Jipaban! my 2010 Santarina

here's Jipaban! an online shopping mall, is like a combination of alot of blogshop into one website. once i saw nuffnang and this competition, jipaban sounds really familiar to me. and turns out i read it in xiaxue's blog before :) link!
why u should sign up for Jipaban?

one. u can just shop at home, no need to walk/drive out to shopping malls, plus save petrol+money+energy. 
two. easy to find stuff, is categorized!  

three. can build your own shopping mall, is like gathering all of your favourite shops and minimize clicking :D

four. pay conveniently! just put what u wanna buy in one shopping cart and pay in one go!and the payment methods is flexible too 

five. egg, smash or wish. you can share the items you are considering to buy and they can vote by egging it or smashing it. and you can have a wishlist too!   

six. find presents easier, no need to walk around the whole shopping mall to find presents anymore!

seven. their logo is so cute :D 
two shopping bags lol
there's so much more but these are the main ones lol except no. seven though .in short, is like a shopping mall but only virtually and it makes shopping easier. okay end :D

now! christmas is coming :D my favourite day of the year!
 all the warmth, lights, trees, candycane, songs, snow, mall decorated and not to forget...
have you done your christmas presents shopping yet? well, jipaban is gonna it a whole lot easier for you :D 
with one click and all the items will be right infront of u! no need to walk around in shops anymore >:D

snoopy socks so cute!

and noww! jipaban is having a contest! link:) all u have to do is write a blog post about:
WHO u wanna get a gift for, WHICH item from jipaban (cannot exceed rm100), and WHY.

chirstmas hats! lol

ok so i start! 
WHO i wanna give a gift to? 
my best friend stephanie tay! 
genting precious memories



the last year

last outing :(

WHICH item from any jipaban store? 

circle necklace with swarovski crystals

a necklace with multiple circles decorated with crystals from exclusive (rm 61.20)

and now WHY
i want to give u this gift to remember me by 

as u can see the circles?

a circle is round, it has no ends.
that's how long, i'll be your friend.

because you are my closest friend in secondary school i will rarely see you soon :(
we shared lots of special, memorable and happy moments together which i will always remember.
like seriously happy moments that are priceless.
you're always there whenever i need u and been though thin and thick with me.
i really can't imagine going on a new year of school without u.
friendship is very valuable and can't be destroyed. 
is like tearing apart cereals and milk? nvm i fail u get what i mean?
you change me in many ways.
many people walk in and out of our lives, but true friends leave footprints in your heart.  
no matter what, u'll always be in my heart 
best friends for life :')

i love you *hugs*
and i wish u from the bottom of my heart good luck & is not the end :')

"hardest thing to do is say bye bye"


TikkoSS's Blog said...

hey congrax on ur winning.. merry xmas and happy new year !

Crystal said...

Hi..congratz! wish u a merry christmas and happy new year!

sirei said...

i spot elmo right next to snoopy socks! <3

Vino Liew said...