Friday, December 31, 2010

the year 2010

i guess this year has been a good year for me :) really accomplished alot this year, but just hope there was'tn pmr ahahahaha joking joking. pmr sort of bring everyone together la like group studies and all. lots of things happened this year, productive year :)
like is the first time for everything!
first ever time to be in a first class, cus i'm like seriously bad at academics, i guess god gave me a chance to make me feel worthy i think? ._.
not to mention 24 season drums, edboard, first ever malam bakat ;D, ice staking, genting, rollercoasters, playboys -.-, skype, crafts & bowling since dunno how long T.T, camp in camerons, new friends, sunway pyramid lol.
yup it was a very fun year filled with ups and downs, hello and goodbyes :(, twist and turns and many more :)
i really dont mind going 2010 all over again but need to move on hahaa.
so yeah bye bye 2010,

hello 2011  ;D please be good to me :)

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