Sunday, November 21, 2010

my pre? holiday

so here's my holiday after genting

drum practice in the morning.err...i think i'm getting old i forgot what i did D: i think is online

planed to go ice skating with steph, jamie, ashley, change yee, shun wei but got drum practise D: but managed to join them right after. my second time going to sunway pyramid ._. first time was an amazing race and was rushing so it does'tn really count lol.yep mark this day 18TH NOVEMBER 2010 first time going ice skating, i thought this day would never come :') thank you friends!

thank you ashley for being so patient with a slow learner like me :)


drum practice again

finish practice already la cus performance day today in yuk chai. i love that school, is so big and they have a lift! and the newly bought hall has two floors and aircon in backstage... esshh i wish i went to that school. we were the first to perform so went back after that. and one more thing...


you came to perform on ur birthday!awesome :D
so marcus! i knew u this year near sports day, more in chinese society camp.
seriously you are the closest person i know in drums, if not i'm very lonely lol
you're selfless and helpful
thank you! :D

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