Thursday, November 18, 2010

genting 2010 :) part two

i'll start day two noww
we woke up take breakfast then ride EURO EXPRESS for the FOURTH TIME to "warm up" for the outdoor roller coasters later lol. and rode 2 times more so that time rode 5 TIMES ALREADY.and is not the end yet! so later on we go boating cus we din't yesterday -.-

credits to steph
then we go ride the flying drago, blur pic but the roller coaster is noticeable, it's very long and it's pink. while we were waiting at the boating section we saw flying dragon.

"more like walking dragon"-yu ting :) 
that part we saw was very slowww.but when we ride it is like medium then very slow and the last part very fast and windy. when i actually ride it is pretty scary cus very high @.@ since it was a MONDAY + MORNING :) very few people to rode it twice in a row hehee. then we go ride the rolling thunder mine train. sorta cool like disneyland's space mountian. 

the mine!! what is the dino doing?

after that we rode the spinner for the second time! 


there's this beryls chocolate factory, its so cutee! 

then queued for the pirate train, there's no pop up scary stuff just a decorated room and u ride to see inside. very weird the theme is not really pirate? o.o but if look very very closely is abit scary la.
i bet the worker there is bored ...
after that hurried back to the hotel restaurant to eat the only meal provided... nice spaghetti :) then later go walk around the shopping centre and saw photo booth the lala kind like dreamworld! 
awww memories :')
i can't resist!! is too cute :D i wanna hug it to sleep and wear it where ever i go 

everyday different design but same man, he recognized me when i ran away from him yesterday ._.

snow world!

the group (; i spot a panda!
omg that place damn cold! and the sled thing the road so bumpy and suddenly hit a corner so pain T.T
can u see the trail behind the house?is sooo long i almost want to back out but i'm glad i din't :)
went back hotel and ate dinner here!

ze secret spot!

i like this moment! four of us ate dinner in this "spot" chatting and laughing till near tears.all those passerby din't know where all the noise come from ;D and play who's-maggi-on-the-floor-game LOL. yesshh my FIRST time eating maggi from a cup, i was really clueless what to do...jing di zhi wa ._. i hope time would just stop and we will just stay there forever eating...  

and sitting near this window! i call this the aircon window! 
cusatnightverymistyanducantseeathingandthecoldairpassthroughthegapeventhemistisnoticeableyay :)

trust me there's a mountain right there

"i think we will sit the dragon" rachel :)
yes is true so pro!
rachel! ;D

waiting for bumper car

bumper car. damn pain! and i dunno how to drive lol

Venice Gondola soo romantic. i think they got too much money they throw into the water 

 yes rode EURO EXPRESS again 6th time now ...

came out at night cus got misty cool whether lol.
i love this part too :D four of us outside chatting, walking and appreciating the cool whether at our last night :(
credits to rachel the photographer! ;D
sigh i'm gonna miss it a lot

now is DAY THREE
morning walk around shopping centre 

rode the EURO EXPRESS for the 7th time. ok end already! no more euro express! 7 TIMES IN TOTAL.i can remember every twist and turns. went in theme park and won doggy *ahem ahem* :D

bye bye!

i guess this is the end already, i miss it a whole lot! cus maybe this will be the last :( *touch wood* i had so much fun i cant describe it with words :') this will forever be a precious memory of mine. love ya yu ting steph rachel :) 

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