Wednesday, November 17, 2010

genting 2010 :) part one

Went to genting on 11th to 14th november.this is my second time going, but the first time i went was when i was a baby so i don't remember a SINGLE thing. So to me is like my first X)  i guess this was the first school trip i went :) so went school in the morning and wait then go by bus

 the buss. me and steph

random shot #1

 random shot #2 (i think yu ting is spamming my camera)

on the way up was very scary, the road was so high and windy and we were on a bus. So many accidents happened already and the latest one is like few days ago ...but i din't die la of course ;) if not who's writing this blog post lol  

 i think this is the skyway station

waiting. hahaa yu ting :D

 driver cute so perasan lol

so we put bags in lobby and enter theme park. walked aimlessly and found pirate ship! so random. omg that ride i feel like vomiting.and when ur're up u can see the machineries below.

 spot meh! credits to rachel :)

 outside pirate ship 

 next is the teacup -.- damn dizzy after it 

so blur cus spin right round baby right round 
after that we queued for the spinner

oh hai pei ling X)

tooo much spinning for one day, but is worth it, i felt like flyinggg lol. After the spinner i'm so dizzy i could'tn stand straight. like my head was spinning wildly and when i stand i kept on tripping. But later on it's okay already. and bought rm5 ice cream hahaa so expensive. 

"why in genting eat ice cream, so weird" steph said XD she bought one too

then wait for bumper boat. kinda cool, water version of bumper car lol. 

   wooo so misty .credits to steph :)

after that we saw some kid holding a cute lollipop ballon and we want it too =.='' we were like 15 years olds queuing up infront of the clown with small kids. but.... worth it! so cute

Later on go back to lobby and take hotel keys then go to room, go other people's room then go theme park. That time is about 6pm so less people and not very sunny :)
So here's the shittiest part, we lined up for Boating ( is like two people in one boat and paddle). it's our turn next but the whether turn misty and rainy so close already sigh =.=''
So rainy day most of the indoor rides close down already, no choice but to leave and go inside.

Then! we saw a 4D theater, waited like 1 hour for it...but it was worth it. is like a haunted mansion and u are a cat lol. sat on a seat that can move around. damn cool  :D

After walking dunno how many rounds in the shopping mall we found one place to eat dinner. actually i dunno why after riding roller coaster and other rides, i don't feel that hungry. but must eat one! bought pork with rice for RM15! so expensive! one plate of wanton mee there cost like RM10++ but here is like less than RM5 ._. ohmaigod. After that went back to hotel room and play chat.

About 9 or 10 pm the outdoor park close already, only left indoor but while we were eating that time, there's this indoor roller coaster right above us and everything just vibrates when it pass through. so yay!we queued to ride that.
the green tracks one
and guess what? we rode it like 3 times that night. cus is like almost midnight and not many people to after one round we straight away go for another one X)

this guy -.- he once tap me on my shoulder.i thought it was my friend and i turn around seeing him 
is like one of the nightmares and u got the shock

the haunted house 

m&m world!;D

ze lift

pink phones! rachel, mine and steph 
at midnight went back to hotel play cards, chat then sleep. i was so tired i slept at 3am the night before.

okay so part one finish already! BYE:D

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