Thursday, July 10, 2014

After 3 years,

Oh gosh.
The last I updated was September 9th 2011, it is 10th July 2014 now, almost three years!
Well pin-pointing out the reason why this blog is very dead is easy, busy with education and life ^^'
But today I stumbled upon my old blogs and read a few posts, despite the fact that my language used here is kinda cringe-worthy, I was hit by a wave, no tsunami of nostalgia. 
I remember when I was in high school, around 2008-2011, blogspots were the "in" thing, I think Facebook was only invented in 2009 so where else can we write about our feelings and express them? Blogs! I remember visiting periodically to almost all of my friend's blogs and nudging them the next day to update them. When exams end, oh man there is when almost all of my friend's blog is updated. I'm really grateful for this time when blogs are the "in" thing, cause we blog, we tell stories about what happen, memories that formed. Now, they are monuments that still remain and go back when we forgot about how we were as a person that time.

Well, I got to admit that I change a whole lot since my last post, I mean who doesn't change? I graduated high school, went to a bible camp and graduated college, soon going overseas to pursue my dream course. There were many obstacles, lessons, good times, inspiring friends along the way that made me the person who I am today and I appreciate every thing about it (: 

Gahh, you know I'm kinda no good with words. I'm just feeling emotional right now, I can feel what my old self felt behind every single post and I just want to send myself back in time, savour all the good times, all the hidden meanings behind the posts, all the hurt altogether. But time to move on, it's amazing how time flies.

My old 16 year old self can't imagine what will happen in 4 years time, but I'm grateful that I can look back at my old self. *Deteriorating memory right here*

I don't think I will come back to blogging, for one, my life is not so interesting to be blogged about constantly, two, I'm mostly involved in designing now so I have to stare at the computer for a long time already, might lose determination to blog this way, but I might incase there is something to blog about. But still I think most of my readers are gone for now ^^' 

Ignoring that fact, it is good for myself to stop, look back and reflect. (:

Sunway college, lots of new experiences made here. 

Graduated college in June 2014!

Bible camp, where I met most of my close friends today and have my relationship with God taken more seriously.

That's all! Love life guys :D

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