Monday, July 28, 2014

How to get a Malaysian Driving License.

Hullo dear Malaysians! Although I'm not an expert, I hope to be able to shed some light on how to get your driving license in Malaysia. Note that I got my license in 2013 so if any changes have been made after that, sorry :P

Step 1: Choose your driving centre.
Tip: Do choose one that is nearer to you and do take note of where is the circuit they are using, travelling can be really tiring!

Step 2: Attend the Undang ceramah.
Yes it will take several hours, it will be good if you attend with a friend to keep you company (: It is not that bad, just work through it!

Step 3: The Undang test.
This is the dreaded theory test D: however my tip is to DO ALL 500 QUESTIONS on the book they'll give you! 500 really seems a lot, but some of the questions are repeated or have the same meaning, so it will be a breeze. You are given a book to read too, due to the short amount of time I had, I did not read the book and just do the questions, with a few occasional referring back to the book to find answers. Or if you are lazy like me, you can actually see what is the answer first and study from there :P

But seriously, to pass, just do all the questions. I did more than 100 questions in 30 minutes cause there were lots of repeats and common sense!

Note that you will take the test through a computer program, so be careful where you click.

Step 4: The practical ceramah.
Congratulations! you pass the undang test! Now you have to attend the practical ceramah. Now this is not to bad compared to the undang one cause you get to learn how to change a tire and actually drive for 10 minutes.

DO TAKE NOTE! after your practical ceramah, you will have to wait for around a month to obtain your L license, that license enables you start taking driving lessons from your instructor. So I recommend you to attend the ceramah as fast as you can/ before holiday/ before exams/ before you're busy so the wait will not be torturous.

In my experience, I delayed my practical ceramah cause I was afraid that I will forget how to drive after I come back from my holiday trip. BUT PLEASE NO! You can never forget how to drive manual and you will have for quite some time before you can actually start having driving lessons. For me, I had to wait for 2 months -.-

Step 5: The mandatory 10 hours driving lessons.
Yes you have to go through 10 hours of lessons no matter how good you are. Now, the most important one, your instructor. I cannot stress how important getting a good instructor is, one that is patient and kind.

In my experience, I got a really bad tempered and rude instructor, not only that, he wasted my money and hours by leaving me in the car under the scorching sun while he takes his sweet time to eat breakfast! I admit, I am a slow learner and a little traumatised of driving. However, this instructor didn't help at all, he scolded me and even slapped my thigh when I did something wrong. Honestly, I cried after every driving lesson cause it was too traumatising and I feel so hopeless. After that, I requested to change instructor. But just my luck, my next instructor is the same but a little nicer ( The centre I go to has only two instructors, no choice!). I go through a whopping 23 hours to be completely ready for the test! But seriously, I suffered from a little depression because of these two instructors and I can confidently say that my experience of getting my license is a really bad one.

But don't worry! most of my friends had really nice and patient instructors (: Just change instructors when you think he/she is not the one of help.

Step 6: The driving exam.
This is definitely the hardest part of all, the ultimate exam to get your license. It is separated into two sections, one driving on the road and circuit (Three point turn, parking and slope). If you pass one and fail another, the next time you come you will just have to re-take the one you've failed.

Just be calm and slowly think through what you are doing, if you are nervous, you will not do as well so chill! And the wait before your turn can be horrendous, so take that time to rest and not freak out.

In my experience, I failed the first time because of the slope. Now the slope! Just press the accelerator MORE THAN USUAL. Now the about blaming the cars, I'm sure you know the clutch level is higher. Good or bad. it is based on your luck but it couldn't be that bad. Overall, JUST KEEP CALM.

Step 7: Yay!
Now you've passed the exam, congratulations there is a new driver on the road! Getting your P license should be faster than getting your L license.

Now drive safe and responsibly!

I'm just speaking from experience here, I did everything in PJ area by the way. Hope that this helped you in any way (: All the best and don't beat yourself up if you fail countless times, you can always try again. But please I don't believe in bribing anyone, the satisfaction of you getting your license all by yourself will be rewarding (:

Don't ever give up! Honestly I really dread my license-obtaining experience like crazy (Balancing college and these drama, ugghh!), it took me almost the whole year cause of some inefficiencies but most people I know got their license within 1-2 months. Now to pass the parent's test :P

God Bless!

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