Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Premiere Sponsored by Nuffnang: Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Movie Review.

So I had the privilege to watch Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy the night before the release date with premiere tickets sponsored by Nuffnang, thank you so much (: It is such a blessing!

Without rambling any further, here is my review

1. Exhilarating action
Well, it is a Marvel movie, of course there are some heavy-duty actions of spaceships and space guns :P Not to mention lots of combat and even branches too! Overall, very creative weapons and methods of combat.

2. Fresh
This movie really stood out from the rest because of the more retro, 80s feel and it is generally more "bright" with their happy and upbeat 80s songs, compared to most of the Marvel movie with the modern, dark theme.

3. Hilarious
This might be the most hilarious Marvel movie out there. It was not just some lame awkward jokes in there, but genuinely funny ones (:

4. Emotional
Expect your heartstrings to be strung by some of the scenes in this movie. Don't want to give out much cause nobody likes spoilers!

5. Awesome effects and visuals
Seriously, the effects, CGIs are getting better in each movie to come, enough said! But their visuals and camera angles are absolutely stunning!

6. Great character development
This movie shows these five characters that eventually got on a mission together, each bearing their own unique personality. It is good how in a two hours movie you can see them slowly growing and developing their own character.

7. The sound effects
One thing I've noticed is in this movie, it has more than usual songs played, not those kind of background music songs but those with lyrics and all. Though some songs might not be relevant as much with their respective scenes but their timings and beats fits in so right. As an occasional video editor, putting the right beats at the right time can really influence the mood of the audience and this movie did a really good job doing so!  

Guardians of the Galaxy might be shadowed by the rest of the more popular Marvel characters, but this is a real eye catching gem and might spark the interest of many. To be able to fit comedy, action, a little romance and emotional elements inside, it is a good balance of everything. To rate it, I give it a 4.5/5!
If you enjoy a good balance of everything and a good laugh, I would definitely recommend this movie (: and come on, it's Marvel!

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